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4 Key Virtual Assistants You Need to Increase Revenues


Virtual assistants can help you increase revenues of your business. But it will take a collective team effort. If you hire only one Virtual Assistant, the other key areas of revenue generation would be overlooked and be rendered useless.

Generating revenues isn’t just about sales. Your first objective should be to find a market for your goods and services. Second, you have to work to convert potential interest into actual sales. Third, you have to find ways to generate recurring sales from the same customer.

You can do this for your business regardless of size, type or industry by hiring virtual assistants. But you have to recruit talent for the 4 key positions:

Marketing – One of the most popular misconceptions is that marketing and sales are the same thing. No they are not.

The objective of marketing is to develop strategies to promote your products and services for the purpose of finding interested buyers. These strategies could include the following:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • E-Mail Marketing

Your marketing Virtual Assistant will conduct research to determine the demographics and demand preferences of your market. Then he or she will propose a number of strategies that could trigger interest for your products.

Once the strategies are finalized, these will be designed, implemented and analyzed. The marketing VA will try to generate a leads list for sales to work on.

Sales – The job of the sales Virtual Assistant is to actively work on converting leads to sales. If the marketing Virtual Assistant is successful in bringing leads into a funnel, the sales VA will move them further along until they become paying customers.

A sales VA can try to convert leads through a combination of strategies such as e-mail marketing or telemarketing. You can easily find virtual assistants who are highly experienced in selling to prospects.

Quality Assurance – The QA Virtual Assistant inspects the quality of the deliverables before having it sent to the customer. If the item is a physical one, the QA Virtual Assistant would correspond with the supplier or the wholesaler to verify the status of the item.

A site inspection may be in order. But if not, then the wholesaler would be required to send official photos and sign documents to guarantee quality and assume responsibility in the event the product is sub-standard.

Customer Support – In business the saying should be “the sale starts once the product is sold”. This means the sales process does not end once a customer buys it. You have to work harder to keep your customer in your company. If not, your competitor can easily steal your customer.

Hire a Virtual Assistant who can manage customer support. You should anticipate that not all customers will be satisfied. Some will have issues or problems with your product or service. Customer support should cover:

  • E-Mail
  • Chat Support
  • Inbound Calling

The job of the Customer Service VA is to ensure the concern is attended to right away and that a resolution will be arrived at within an appreciable time frame.

When you have these 4 key positions as part of your virtual sales team, your revenue generation programs will function more smoothly. As your business grows, it will be easier to expand your virtual sales team by identifying the positions that need more virtual assistants.

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