3 Easy Steps to Create a Digital Marketing Team with Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are becoming a key component in the business development plan of many companies regardless of size, scale or type of industry. You can contract the services of a Virtual Assistant for any type of skill that your business needs. Demand for virtual assistance services continues to remain high that more talented peoples are crossing over from the brick- and- mortar world to the virtual world.

One of the most in-demand skills is marketing because many companies do not allocate enough funding for an in- house team. In board rooms across the world whenever talk of increased marketing is initiated, the follow up question is, “What is the expected ROI?”

In the days before the Internet exploded into the mainstream consciousness, ideas for marketing consisted mostly of printed material, publications and press releases. These were expensive and difficult to measure. The evolution of digital technology and the growth of the Internet have given birth to Internet- based marketing which is more effective and cost efficient compared to traditional marketing.

The offspring is Digital Marketing which consists of a multitude of tools, techniques, processes and strategies all designed to pull an audience toward your business.

You can create a digital marketing team with Virtual Assistants with 3 easy steps:

Hire a Project Manager. The project manager is the Digital Marketing Manager. The ideal candidate should have the following qualifications:

  • At least 2 years hands on experience in online marketing.
  • Has working knowledge on website design and development.
  • Understands the principles of SEO
  • High level of proficiency in all social networks
  • Excellent in written and spoken English
  • Judicious in research
  • Great ability to work with a team

The Digital Marketing Manager will assist you in recruiting, evaluating and selecting the members of the Digital Marketing team.

Assemble the Team. A Digital Marketing team needs the following key positions:

  • Website Designer
  • Website Programmer
  • SEO Professional
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Writer

Some of these skills can be integrated such as Website Designer and Programmer if the Designer knows coding. The Digital Marketer can be the SEO Professional. Proficiency in SEO should be in your priority list because it is the process which dictates the direction of the other strategies.

There are some Digital Marketing teams whereby the Digital Marketing Manager handles SEO and Content Writing duties.

Create the Process Flow. Once you have assembled the Digital Marketing team, they should be aware of how the Digital Marketing process flows. The first step starts with the systems and frameworks that will support the process flow:

  • Project Management – Asana, Bitrix-24, SalesForce
  • File Sharing – DropBox, Accelion
  • Communication – e-mail, chat support, audio-video services for meetings such as Skype, WebEx or GoToMeeting

The second step covers the operations. You have to detail the procedure of working on a digital marketing campaign. The process should cover:

  • Research
  • Presentation of the Creative Brief
  • Submission of website design mock ups
  • Testing of website features
  • Schedule of content publication
  • Schedule of postings

Setting up a Digital Marketing team composed of virtual assistants is the best option to ensure your business gets the constant push it needs to gain traction. With Digital Marketing results are readily measurable. You can find out if your campaign is along the course of projected ROI. It also allows for greater flexibility. If you are off-course, you can get back on track simply by evaluating available data.

About the Author: Grace Fitzpatrick