5 Tasks Bloggers can Outsource to Virtual Assistants


Bloggers have a lot of tasks in their hands and they need reliable Virtual Assistants to help them keep their sites on tip top shape.  As the site becomes more popular, more work needs to be done.

It is given that a blog thrives on quality content.  Featured articles keep visitors coming back, so bloggers spend more time on writing.  However, a blog site cannot survive on articles alone.  

There are other areas that need attention as well. But a blogger can only do so much and he/she needs a life too.  Soit is wise to enlist the support of Virtual Assistants who will be able to handle these tasks.

Here is a list of tasks, bloggers can delegate to Virtual Assistants.

Social media management

Your blog must be able to reach a bigger audience.  Your content maybe excellent but if you do not reach out to your target market through social media platforms, all your efforts will go to waste.  

Have someone manage your Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and StumbleUpon while you rest.  Leave posts and promotions in the hands of a reliable Virtual Assistant so you will not get too caught up in networking.  This way you’ll be able to focus on writing.

Read comments and handle replies

It is important to engage with your visitors.  However, there will come a point in time when you cannot handle this yourself.

Give specific instructions on how to reply to prevent generic responses. Let your Virtual Assistant handle this so as not to alienate yourself from your loyal readers who are used to getting a response from you.    

Calendar management

Have someone manage your schedule and you’ll be surprised at how well your time is spent.  When you do this yourself it is difficult to keep tabs on your commitments and even schedule other activities.  

It is better to assign this to someone who will have a better perspective of your calendar.  Meetings and other activities will be scheduled as your Virtual Assistant sees fit.  

The last thing he/she wants is to overbook you.  You will never be amiss of important events in your life and career.

Sorting email

Building an email list is essential to the success of your blog.  However, all queries and requests for sign up may be left unattended when you are swamped with work.  

Let your Virtual Assistant filter out your mail and allow him/her to respond on your behalf.  Having someone monitoring your inbox will free up your time and allow you to finish priority tasks.

Blog maintenance

It is better to outsource this to a tech savvy Virtual Assistant so you can be assured that your site’s design is consistently updated.

There are many blogs being created by the day so you to make sure that your site will continue to generate traffic and standout.  

While you focus on content, you can be assured that the following design components are being worked on.

  • Layout
  • Theme, color scheme, images
  • Fonts
  • Navigation
  • Responsive design
  • Widgets

Bloggers are creative people by nature. But once overwhelmed and stress sets in, the creative process can be stifled. Hire a Virtual Assistant and you’ll find yourself consistently writing amazing content.

About the Author: Grace Fitzpatrick