Why You Need Multiple Virtual Assistants

You may start out with only one, but there are many good reasons why you need multiple virtual assistants. This is especially true if you found the “One, True” Virtual Assistant who makes life and business easier.

Virtual assistants are so valuable that you will hardly find a client who would openly brag about his or her Virtual Assistant. The reason? No one wants their rock star VA pirated!

But even if you’ve found the best Virtual Assistant in the market, there are compelling reasons for you to hire others:

  • Delegate Varied Tasks. If you are hiring a Virtual Assistant to delegate the non- essential and non- core tasks, you may unintentionally overwhelm the person contracted to free up your schedule.

A Virtual Assistant; as talented and highly- skilled as she is, can be swamped with too much work. As a fellow human being, she is susceptible to the Law of Diminishing Returns. Eventually, her productivity and quality of work can be compromised.

You can start out your Virtual Assistant with administrative tasks but when your business starts to grow, you should hire another one to manage excess work.  

  • Get More Things Done. You can find a Virtual Assistant for any task or skill your business needs. The virtual assistance industry has grown commiserate with the rising demand for the service.

If you need someone to keep your online marketing strategies moving, you can find a Virtual Assistant with the experience and expertise of a Digital Marketer. Once your virtual team has been assembled, you will need a Virtual Assistant who can handle accounting and payroll preparation duties.

Even if you have the competencies for these skills, you will not have the time to ensure the quality of the deliverables. Hiring virtual assistants will guarantee you consistent high quality of work.

  • Focus on New Business. In time, your virtual team will be running its scope of responsibilities smoothly. It will require less time from your end to oversee their performance. Now maybe the time to trust your virtual assistants and delegate higher responsibilities.

If you have been eyeing new business, you will not be able to explore opportunities if you are tied down by your current role. You should learn to let go of the reins and allow the virtual team to manage the primary business for you.

It is not a permanent turnover as you should maintain close communication with your virtual team.

  • Sets Up Contingencies. Nothing lasts forever. You should accept the possibility that your rock star Virtual Assistant may one day leave you. If your VA is that good, she should be allowed to pursue and further her business interests.

By hiring multiple virtual assistants, you can identify the one who can potentially replace or take over vacated positions. This is a good reason why close communications should be maintained during process improvement sessions.

If it is your Project Manager who resigns, you should be ready to replace her with the best candidate from your virtual team.

Many successful entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferris and Michael Hyatt started out with only one Virtual Assistant. Eventually they hired a second then a third. As business grew, they continued to build their virtual team. Business is a progression; as prospects grow you should prepare to accommodate additional work by hiring multiple virtual assistants.

About the Author: Grace Fitzpatrick