Why Your Small Business Needs a Virtual Assistant

If large businesses such as Xerox and Bank of America hire virtual assistants why shouldn’t small businesses? Regardless of the size of your business, you will benefit greatly by hiring a Virtual Assistant. This is especially true for small businesses:

Manage Your Costs

Small businesses are characterized by having limited capital and access to funding.

Some small business owners take the Lean Management concept to the extreme by doing everything themselves. The end result is lower productivity and poor quality of deliverables.

Your best option is to hire a Virtual Assistant because it won’t break your budget. Virtual assistants are paid per productive hour and being self-employed, are not entitled to benefits. Since they work from remote locations, you don’t pay for their costs of rendering service.

Accomplish Your Goals

Goal setting is an effective way of moving your business forward.

But your ability to accomplish goals is contingent on the availability of time. By delegating non-essential tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you can dedicate more time to the core business of your enterprise.

You will be able to focus 100% on each and every goal you have set for the day. In the meantime, trust that the VA can hold the fort down while you are working on growing the business.

Fund Projects

When are able to manage your costs with a Virtual Assistant, you will be generating cost savings.

Cost savings play important roles in business. They improve your financial flexibility. You have the option to increase savings which will help tide you over during lean months.

You could also re-invest in your business by expanding projects and programs. For example, you may want to initiate marketing and promotional activities. Cost savings represent internally- generated funding and can be used to cover projects.

Expand Your Network

As a small business, you can gain traction by expanding your network of connections and contacts.

A Virtual Assistant can get this done by expertly managing your online marketing campaign. The experienced VA can get this done through SEO, social media marketing, content process marketing or consistent networking.

Online marketing is a powerful tool for building inbound traffic to your website. Even if you have experience in managing your social media activity, it would be best to delegate this to the Virtual Assistant. Online marketing is a time- consuming task.

Pursue Opportunities

With a Virtual Assistant onboard, you can re-direct your focus on other projects. But there is one condition.

You should learn to trust your Virtual Assistant!

This means letting go of the reins and turning them over to your VA. Pursuing an opportunity is like starting all over again. It will take absolute focus to determine if it is viable and feasible enough to take the risk.

You are only handing some of your responsibilities to the VA. This doesn’t mean you are no longer involved. Instruct your Virtual Assistant to frequently update you on developments regarding your primary business.

By contracting the services of a Virtual Assistant you will be able to streamline your costs while improving your level of productivity. With consistency and dedication, your small business may not be so small in a few years!

About the Author: Grace Fitzpatrick